About us

GeoMedService LTD is a licensed Emergency/Medical Assistance company which provides wide choice of medical services. Together with emergency/ambulance services, our company provides First aid emergency care training programs for business, industry and the public since 2015
• Basic First-aid trainings (International certificates)
• Food Hygiene Trainings (International certificates)
• Safety training courses (Fire safety, Electrical safety, Safe moving and handling, Confined Spaces and Working at Heights, etc.) with international certification
• Medical screenings (pre-employment, annual, etc.)
• Hygiene inspections (catering and camps)
• Site medical equipment purchase (AED; eye-wash; etc.)
GeoMedService LTD provides patients with high quality emergency aid by 4WD ambulances. Our professional team is ready for emergency medical care 24/7 which is utmost important to provide uninterrupted service during emergency situations.  It is worth mentioning that the company may offer medical screening (pre-employment, annual and other), hygiene inspections (kitchens, camps, etc.), purchase of medical equipment for sites (AED, EYE-WASH etc.)
All the doctors have undergone special training to provide this type of services and are the holders of the relevant International Certificates.